Making Moves In 2021: The New Hampshire Progressive Coalition Sends A Message To Biden Transition Team Around Public Health Solutions

This month, the New Hampshire Progressive Coalition’s Executive Board alongside various other action networks across the nation signed onto an important letter, lead by the amazing activists at People’s Action. Addressed to the Office of National Drug Control Policy and team leader Rahul Gupta, we have joined in the efforts to express the need for immediate and dire action around the overdose crisis and the ongoing drug war here in the United States. The NHPC Executive Board is committed to this fight and to helping support these amazing, grassroots organizations who stand with us. Please read the press release below, and stay tuned for updates on our continued work around the coming Biden Administration.

Press Release from People’s Action, Signed by the New Hampshire Progressive Coalition:

We hope you join us in this important push for change. Please connect with the New Hampshire Progressive Coalition and People’s Action to learn more about how to get involved. Let’s #LinkArms and get to work!

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