New Hampshire Progressive Coalition’s Call to Action: Support Rep. Espitia and All BIPOC Granite Staters by Recognizing and Rooting Out White Supremacy

The New Hampshire Progressive Coalition condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the vile White nationalists targeting Representative Manny Espitia of Nashua. The people who engage in this kind of cowardly bullying content themselves with hurling racial slurs and whining about the demise of the mythical “white race,” wrongly thinking themselves patriots and warriors.  What they really are amounts to little more than hateful slogans and poor fashion choices, and they add nothing to the community but bile and ignorance. 

Rep. Espitia, on the other hand, is doing the work of making his community better – safer, stronger, more inclusive – every day.  He demonstrates true patriotism, selflessness, and morality in his commitment to public service and this, in turn, benefits all the people of the Granite State.

Certain people in New Hampshire insist that there’s no racism here; they claim that racial inequality and oppression are problems in ‘other places.’ Unfortunately, the persistent denial of racism by the Governor and others in the New Hampshire Republican Party, along with a stubborn refusal to address these very real problems, has created an environment where small-minded, ignorant bigots like those harassing Rep. Espitia wrongly believe they have a home and a voice.

The NHPC calls on Governor Sununu, Speaker Packard, and all who have a leadership role in our state – at every level – to condemn, on no uncertain terms, this cowardly and disgusting attack on Rep. Espitia.  We call on them to do it loudly, publicly, and immediately. 

In cases such as this, silence is complicity, and too many have been too silent for too long.

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