First Of All Podcast

First Of All Podcast

Episode 5 | What's Really Up With HB544? First Of All Podcast

Welcome to the "First Of All" Podcast from the New Hampshire Progressive Coalition. Where Progressivism, linking arms and civic engagement collide. On Episode 5 of the podcast, Sherry and Robin break down the recent bill to challenge public education in New Hampshire, HB544. What will this bill do to our most important conversations in the classroom, and what can we as educators and citizens do about it? These are the questions we explore and more. Subscribe on Spotify and all Podcast listening apps today!
  1. Episode 5 | What's Really Up With HB544?
  2. Episode 4 | Legislating In Concord
  3. Episode 3 | The Overton Window
  4. Episode 2 | What Does "We The People" Really Mean?

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